Welcome to Milleflora Farm

We grow medicinal herbs, heirloom vegetables, and cut flowers in the coastal hills of Sonoma County, California, near the town of Cazadero. And we run a small community grazing program, moving our flock of sheep around our neighborhood to graze grass and support wildfire resilience.

Weekly Harvests Now Available: See below for availability

I can harvest a limited number of crops each week for the following people:Acupuncture patients: if you have a treatment scheduled, just text or email any farm requests at least one day in advance and I'll bring them with me when I arrive for your treatment. (To learn about Demetra's acupuncture practice, please visit Coastal Hills Acupuncture.Neighbors, for Friday pickup: If you are not a patient, but live nearby, feel free to send me a request from the list below by Thursday each week, and if I have extras, I can leave them for you on the table just inside the Big Barn on Friday. Cash/checks (to Demetra Markis) can be left on the table, or you can send online via paypal or venmo; I'll let you know how when I confirm.(Sorry, but no other deliveries or special requests outside of this list are available.)

Summer 2022

It's summer! We've got heirloom tomatoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors; hot peppers (just coming in), frying peppers, pickling peppers, and sweet peppers; grey and green zucchini, scallop squash, crookneck squash (just coming in); anise hyssop, lemongrass, monarda, lime basil, chives; and Swiss chard.

Our Gardens

We tend our thriving gardens using beyond-organic standards to nourish the land and support our wildlife. We are proud of our farming practices! Our certifying agency is Certified Naturally Grown and we are happy to be part of their community-based grassroots model.Our farming space is quite small, under 2 acres, but on it we grow over 100 different kinds of vegetables, herbs, fruits, olives, and flowers. We use a gentle rotary plow to create new beds, which we amend with compost and organic amendments.

We space beds and plants closely to encourage deep root growth and reduce weed competition, keeping the soil moist and cool and reducing the need for irrigation. We irrigate using drip lines to conserve water, and add mulch to keep the soil covered while plants grow.Once beds are built we keep them planted at all times either with our main food-producing or flowering crops or with nutrient-dense cover crops.

We are a no-till farm, believing that the less we disturb the soil, the healthier the soil microbiome will be. We leave roots in the ground to decompose when we clear finished crops, enriching the soil. We manage pests by companion planting, using row cover and netting to protect plants, and encouraging natural predators- we have seen everything from red-tailed hawks to bobcats to gopher snakes helping out in the garden!Our farm work is done with a BCS tractor and with hand tools; it is pleasurable and rewarding to work closely with the plants.

Our Sheep

Our mixed flock of Katahdin and Navajo-Churro ewes graze private and community grasslands near our homestead on Gualala Ranch in the Cazadero hills, and neighboring parcels. The goals include:

  • Reducing potential wildfire fuel in the form of dried grasses

  • Restoring native grass populations by grazing out invasive species

  • Supporting a healthy grassland ecosystem through careful grazing rotations

  • Providing quality forages for our flock.

Please feel welcome to get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

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Milleflora Farm is owned by Dan Ginsburg,
and he operates it with Demetra Markis.
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